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Welcome to Österåker Municipality! Österåker is one of the fastest-growing communities in the Stockholm region and in Sweden. With its 1,100 islands and extraordinary landscapes, Österåker - located 30 km north of the capital in the Stockholm archipelago - is both an attractive place to live and a great holiday destination.

The young population is growing by about 400 people every year. Today there are 40,000 people living here permanently, but during the summer holiday season the population doubles.

Österåker has plenty to offer: attractive landscapes, galleries, outdoor activities, historical sites, markets, concerts, and many other types of events. The tourist office is located in central Åkersberga (June to August) and on Husarö and Ljusterö (all year).


You can reach Österåker by car, bus or train (Roslagsbanan train line). If you are travelling by train, you depart from Östra Station in Stockholm and arrive at the railway station in the centre of Åkersberga. Buses can take you further within Österåker. If you take a bus from Stockholm, you depart from Danderyds sjukhus (Danderyd Hospital).


Österåker can offer various kinds of accommodation. You can stay at hotels, bed & breakfasts or hostels, rent a cottage or go camping.

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